Cosmewax: A responsible skin care company. CSR report 2022

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Cosmewax: A responsible skin care company. CSR report 2022

As one of the leading skin care company in the sector, we believe it is essential to develop practices that improve our economic, social and environmental surroundings. That’s why, we produce a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report every year, a document that forms part of our business strategy, showing our company’s impact on our main stakeholders.

A skin care company that is responsible towards its stakeholders.

The following are most outstanding practices that Cosmewax has implemented with regard to its stakeholders.

1. Cosmewax in figures

This year we have managed to increase the number of employees by 383 people, whose effort with more than 100 clients has resulted in a gross turnover of 34.7 million euros.

2. Our employees: the people who make us unique

Our employees are one of our most important assets. Recognising their potential is key to our continued growth. That is why we strive to improve their conditions, achieving that 88% of our workforce is permanent the last year. In addition, we have included a new area called People & Culture, focused on attracting, retaining and developing internal talent.

3. Quality and excellence in customer service

We develop our business by providing exceptional, reliable and committed customer service, working closely with cosmetic company brands around the world.

Thanks to the quality of our services and our efficient supply chain with 95% of firm orders delivered on time, our customers rate their satisfaction with Cosmewax with a score of 9.

4. Our suppliers: The best travelling companions

As a cosmetics company committed to the planet, we strive to seek out national suppliers in order to protect the environment by reducing transport pollution and supporting the local economy. Therefore, in 2022 we collaborated with more than 200 suppliers, 80.4% of which were national.

5. Innovation as a guarantee of improvement

Innovation is one of Cosmewax’s hallmarks. Last year we have developed more than 400 products, including the Orange Blossom and rose serum and Radiance Pearls Primer included in the Cosmotrends report.

We have also implemented improvements in the packaging increasing the recycled content and the % of PCR in some containers. We have also worked on incorporating naturally sourced options for carriers and on improving recyclability in flexible packaging.

6. Team committed to society and the planet

Our strive for responsible practices as a cosmetics company has enabled us to achieve ISO 50001 certification in 2022 with the goal of continually improving energy efficiency and performance and identifying additional opportunities to reduce energy use.


In short, Cosmewax is one of the cosmetics companies that focuses on improving the environment and the conditions of our stakeholders, striving year after year to be better for both society and the environment.

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