At Cosmewax, we are proud to be one of the leading Sustainable Cosmetic Companies in the industry. We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our work, aiming to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.


Cosmewax operates under the supervision of a Environmental Management System, which guarantees our compliance with legal requirements and ensures our commitment to environmental responsibility.


Our focus on sustainability extends to resource management, where we strive to operate in a sustainable manner, maximizing energy efficiency, and respecting biodiversity. By implementing innovative and eco-friendly practices, we continuously work towards developing sustainable improvements in our production processes and the creation of new products.


Additionally, we go beyond the standard practices by actively seeking and partnering with suppliers who share our dedication to the environment.


Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future and discover how Cosmewax is among the leading Sustainable Cosmetic Companies in delivering high-quality cosmetics.




Cosmewax is deeply committed to driving the transition towards a new socio-economic model that is climate neutral, resilient, sustainable, and inclusive. We have fully integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) approved by the United Nations in 2015 into our comprehensive business strategy.


At Cosmewax, our aim is to actively contribute to the achievement of the objectives outlined within sustainable development, including eradicating poverty, protecting the planet, and fostering prosperity. We recognize the crucial role that sustainable cosmetic companies play in creating positive change within our industry and beyond.


In addition to our internal efforts, Cosmewax takes on the role of a dedicated spokesperson, actively promoting and spreading the initiatives aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. We firmly believe that the SDGs can only be realized through collaborative efforts between governments, companies, and broader society.


In this way, Cosmewax not only prioritizes sustainability in its practices but also actively advocates for a more inclusive and sustainable future. Join us on this transformative journey! 


Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced by our ECOCERT and COSMOS certifications, which ensure that we meet the stringent criteria required for European certification in natural and organic cosmetics.


To protect biodiversity, our formulas strictly avoid the use of raw materials derived from endangered species. Also, we promote the use of raw materials with good biodegradability profile.


When it comes to palm oil and palm kernel oil, we prioritize sustainability by sourcing these ingredients from certified RSPO suppliers, guaranteeing their responsible and sustainable production.


We are dedicated to transparency and ethical sourcing, which is why the mica used in our products is supplied by companies that uphold sustainable practices and provide full visibility into their operations.


Discover our wide selection of natural skin care and hair removal products offered.  Our cosmetic range includes:

  • Natural skin care and hair removal products.
  • Upcycled skin care range
  • Cosmos-standard hair removal and skin care products.
  • Vegan hair removal and skin care products.
  •  Microbeads free hair removal and skin care products.
  • With sustainable sourced Palm oil and RSPO MB certified hair removal and skin care products.
  •  Hair removal products without petroleum-based ingredients.
  • Minimalist (less than 5 ingredients) hair removal and skin care products.

Cosmewax, among the leading sustainable cosmetic companies in private label products.


Our main objectives include driving innovation though a diverse and extensive portfolio and continuous improvement. In this way, we have made significant strides in enhancing the environmental impact of our products and packaging.


We have prioritized increasing the recycled content in our products, ensuring that we maximize the use of recycled materials in their production. Additionally, we have focused on enhancing the recyclability of our packaging, aiming to facilitate proper recycling practices and reduce waste.


To further reinforce our commitment to sustainability, we actively promote the use of packaging certified by respected organizations such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). By sourcing cardboard and paper from responsibly managed plantations that prioritize environmental preservation, we contribute to the conservation of natural resources.


As a result, our sustainable cosmetic company remains dedicated to fostering innovation, leading the way in sustainability practices, offering a broad and diverse product portfolio, and continuously striving for improvement in all aspects of our operations.


We have implemented a comprehensive waste control, management, and minimization system to effectively handle the waste generated by our operations.


Water: We have taken significant steps to ensure sustainability by utilizing state-of-the-art osmosis equipment and conducting regular quality controls to enhance the water quality used in our processes. Furthermore, we prioritize the maintenance of wastewater quality through rigorous and continuous monitoring of the treated wastewater.

Electricity consumption: We have adopted energy-saving practices throughout our production system and facilities, establishing a culture of efficiency and sustainability.

Transport: We have implemented logistics optimization strategies to reduce the number of transport units required, thereby optimizing our transportation operations to minimize the environmental footprint.


At our sustainable cosmetic factory, we remain committed to these practices as part of our ongoing efforts to operate responsibly and contribute to a greener future

Sustainable cosmetic companies


At Cosmewax, we take the ut most care of our in our work in order to minimise the environmental impact of our activity.


Cosmewax carries out its activity under the supervision of an Environmental Management System, which ensures compliance with legal requirements in environmental matters.


We promote the hiring of suppliers who are committed to the environment and we strive to manage our resources in a sustainable way in order to work with maximum energy efficiency and respect the biodiversity.


Discover how we are developing sustainable improvements in the production processes and in the development of new products.



Sustainable cosmetic companies


The ECOCERT and COSMOS certifications guarantee that we meet the necessary characteristics to obtain the European certification in natural, organic cosmetics.


Our formulas do not use raw materials derived from endangered species.


Palm oil / palm kernel oil products are from sustainable sources: certified by RSPO.


Mica is supplied by companies with transparent sustainable practices.


In 2018, Cosmewax preceded the European Regulation by eliminating microplastics from its cosmetic rinse products.

Sustainable cosmetic companies


Natural hair removal and skin care products.


Cosmos standard hair removal and skin care products.


Vegan hair removal and skin care products.


Microbead free hair removal and skin care products.


Palm oil free and RSPO certified hair removal and skin care products.


Hair removal products without petroleum based ingredients.


Minimalist (less than 5 ingredients) hair removal and skin care products.

Sustainable cosmetic companies


We have increased the recycled content in our products and the recyclability of our packaging.



We promote the use of FSC and PEFC certified packaging, increasing the consumption of cardboard and paper from controlled plantations that respect the environment.

Sustainable cosmetic companies


We have a control, management and minimisation system in place for the waste generated by our activity.

Water: We have implemented sustainable water management, improving the quality of the water used in our processes through the most advanced osmosis equipment and through daily quality controls.

We guarantee the quality of wastewater through exhaustive continuous controls of treated wastewater.

Electricity: We have established good practice in energy saving in our production system and facilities.

Transport: Logistics Optimisation in order to reduce the number of transport units.