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Cosmetic claims: The most demanded in the US

In the cosmetics industry, it is essential to be aware of the cosmetic claims preferred by consumers. Recognising the specific needs of consumers helps to improve the image and prestige of a brand.

Knowing these cosmetic claims makes it possible to create more appealing product designs and labels for users and to develop marketing plans focused on these most demanded needs. In addition to attracting consumers in search of solutions to specific personal care needs, we will become their cosmetic brand of reference.

For this reason, at Cosmewax we carry out a regular analysis of the cosmetic claims most in demand by consumers, and we share it with our clients to help them increase their sales.

Main cosmetic claims in the US

In this occasion, we present the information obtained about the main cosmetic claims identified among users from the United States through a study conducted in the last quarter of 2023.

This study reveals the following concerns as the most searched for by US consumers:

Acne and blackspots

Acne and blackheads are the main cosmetic claims detected in the US market, with a search volume of approximately 8 million and 1 million*1 respectively in the last month. This is partly attributed to high stress levels, poor diet, and exposure to environmental pollution.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin has become a major concern for US
consumers. High levels of solar radiation, stress and pollution have
contributed to an increase in demand for products that protect sensitive skin,
leading to a significant increase in searches related to this concern. So much
so that in the month of August, searches related to sensitive skin in the US
approached 1 million*1.

WRINKLES and Fine lines

Skin blemishes and fine lines are concerns that mainly affect the adult population. This is due to factors such as age, sun exposure and decreased collagen production. These claims generate a high level of demand, so much so that in the month of August there were more than 270,000 searches related to skin blemishes, and 165,000 for expression lines*1.

Organic cosmetics

Did you know that a recently published study by the ESIC Innovation Institute reveals that 70% of US consumers aged 18-29 prefer to use organic and natural cosmetics? This reveals how the organic origin of ingredients is a cosmetic claim that is present all over the world and is gaining special relevance in the United States. As a result, raw materials such as tea extracts, soya, aloe vera, cocoa or fish oils are increasingly used in the formulation of cosmetic products*3.

In short, it is essential to analyse the main concerns of consumers to develop offers adapted to the demands of the market. This is why at Cosmewax we are constantly analysing the markets we are targeting to improve our offer and keep abreast of the latest trends.

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