Hot wax for face

This 35g retouch professional hot wax pot and its slim spatula are specially designed to treat unwanted hair from delicate areas of the face such as upper lip or eyebrows.

The amount of wax adapts to hair removal of the different areas of the face.

Designed for small touch-ups whenever necessary.

You can carry Retouch Wax anywhere you go and get rid of facial hair in
a few minutes by applying it easily.

Doesn’t require strips to remove wax, just peel it off.


Cosmewax – Depilatory Wax Manufacturers



Formula designed for coarse, resistant hair but gentle enough for use on sensitive and delicate areas, great for all skin types.

Highly safe formulation for perfect depilation at a lower application temperature.

Highly customizable formulas, with a wide range of extracts, scents and colours to adapt the product to suit your needs and own brand identity.