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    Cosmewax, S.A. reports that all datum which you give us on this form, as
    the whole contents on the C.V and the documentation which you attach on it, and the rest which could be generated
    due to your involvement in any kind of selection process, will be treated and integrated in the database under the
    responsibility of COSMEWAX, S.A. established at registered office is: AVDA Sudáfrica, number 110, whose P.C. is
    11408, Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz province, whose C.I.F. is: A-78118601.

    In order to carry on a service of paperwork employees selection. As much
    as possible labour contract as COSMEWAX or COSMETRADE, connected to it, giving its express consent, for the
    computerized treatment of all of them, as well as to be used by all objetives aforementioned.
    You warrant personal and professional information facility by you are real-life, being involved to communicate any
    alteration of them, as well as facilitate that documentation certifying of them in case to be requested. By the
    same token, your express consent in order to COSMEWAX, S.A. and COSMETRADE, S.L. can consult and add relative datum
    to your professional profile current your different social networks as for example: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter
    ,etc, in which you are integrated, with the objetive to evaluate your professional experience and competencies and
    decide if your professional profile is matched to our work culture and corporative of our organization.

    You must be specially noticed that all datum facilities by you, will be
    communicated to other selection and question of personal which work under COSMEWAX or COSMETRADE respecting to the
    same objetives and services named previously for the development selection process on it. You let your express
    consent to all datum mentioned before.

    COSMEWAX will keep your datum for two years since the receiving date of
    this form, being able to do it from to the last change you did after that, the mentioned period. They will be
    cancelled and deleted.

    You, as the holder of datum, you can exercise your rights of portability,
    access or reformation, cancellation, opposition or disagreement and limitation under law sending your application
    written crediting your identity to or to the following post address: COSMEWAX, S.A., Human
    Resources Department, AVDA Sudáfrica, number 110, 11408 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), indicating the reference
    “H.RR data protection.”

    That form shipping, to the one is essential to indicate the following box
    relative to the reading and acceptance from privacy conditions, means in the terms mentioned above, that you let
    your express consent in order to the admission of your datum to our base, as well as the treatment respecting to
    the objetives which have been indicated.

    I have read and accept privacy conditions. and legal notice.