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Depilatory wax and its different types

Depilatory Wax and its different types

There are many different types of hair removal methods (both women and men). The razor blade, razor, depilatory wax, laser or depilatory cream are some of the most used.
Although it is usually a little painful, waxing is one of the favourite hair removal options as well as one of the most effective and long-lasting practices.

We could group waxing in three types of techniques: Professional waxing, Oriental waxing or Cold wax strips. That’s why today we talk at length about this type of depilation. Don’t miss a thing!

Depilatory wax


the hair is completely removed with depilatory wax, from the root, and the follicle is left empty.
Over time a new root appears and the hair will grow again, however, this may take up to four weeks depending on each person’s hair type.

Hair removal from the root means exactly what you’re thinking: a little Ouch! But don’t worry, there are pre- and post-waxing treatments that help reduce Ouch! in a more comfortable way.

In addition, this discomfort diminishes when you depilate regularly.

Don’t forget to depilatory wax in a clean place. Also, if you use spatulas or tweezers, they must be correctly cleaned.

Professional waxing


Although Professional depilatory Wax is normally used in beauty or hairdressing salons, Cosmewax has a wide range of hot waxes adapted to the comfort of the home.

Professional wax is a substance based on rosin or sugar. At application temperature, it behaves as a very dense liquid, such as honey. At lower temperatures it will harden progressively and will eventually become completely solid. This behaviour is what makes this type of wax a great depilatory method.

When wax is applied onto the skin at application temperature, it grips the hairs or, in other words, the wax behaving as a dense fluid allows the hairs to get trapped inside.

Then by quickly pulling the wax from the skin in a swift motion, thanks to its special rheology, the wax will behave like a solid! and will grip the hairs inside of it and leaving you with beautifully bare skin!

Oriental waxing


Oriental warm waxing is a practical method suitable for even the most delicate skin types. Turn waxing into a skin-care ritual with soothing fragrances and the pleasant sensation of warm wax being applied to your skin. Requires minimal microwave heating.

In addition, as it is soluble in water, it is easy to remove residues.

Cold wax strips


Cold wax strips are ready to use and do not need to be heated.

Depilation with wax strips is a very easy and quick process because it only requires rubbing each strip between the hands (to heat the wax), apply them directly to the skin and remove them with a quick movement.

Waxing Strips represent a depilatory method with the following main characteristics:

· Pre-Conditioned: A thin layer of wax is pre-coated over a strip of cotton-like material. These Strips come in pairs sticked together and just need to be separated from one another before use.

· No need to warm up: Application temperature is room temperature so in almost every circumstance, no warming up of any kind is needed. Open, separate strips, apply and… there! bare skin!

· Ready-to-Use: Because of the above two perks, Waxing strips can be used in any circumstance and place. It is a simple, quick and easy method that requires the least technique of all waxing methods.

· Conveniently sized: Strips come in various sizes fit for each body area. Most common are “Body” size, for large areas such as legs or arms; and “Face” size, for smaller areas such as upper lips, brows or chin and also appropriate for underarms and bikini line.


Recommendations for after hair removal


After waxing, it is normal for skin to feel delicate and to have reddened. These effects should disappear within 24 hours, otherwise consult your doctor. Applying a cold compress to the skin can help relieve any discomfort.

Do not use deodorant or any other product containing alcohol on the waxed area.
Do not expose the waxed area directly to the sun.

Good moisturisation after waxing is essential to help the skin recover.

Now it is your turn! Give depilatory wax  a try and enjoy a soft, hair-free skin that lasts for longer.

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