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Underarm Hair Removal Cream – Curveliner Format

The curved tip of this practical design is perfectly shaped for the underarm area,
allowing a quick and easy application.

A quick and easy method for effortless removal of unwanted hair.

Allows applying and spreading the cream directly from the tube. Remove hair from hard-to-reach areas without ever touching the hair remover formula.

To remove hair, just glide the tube on to desired areas. Leave on for the time indicated in the instructions for use, then gently wipe off away with a damp washcloth. Once all hair has been removed, rinse skin thoroughly and pat dry.

Stay smooth for days longer than shaving without the mess.


Cosmewax – Hair Removal Cream manufacturing


Formulas are effective and respectful with the skin.

This hair removal treatment is quick & easy and leaves skin smooth, moisturised and free of hair.

Microbeads free.

Highly customizable with a wide variety of extracts, scents and colours.