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In shower hair removal cream

Designed to fit in with your busy routine: Its drip-free, water-resistant formulation allows you to achieve soft, radiant and hair-free skin while you shower.

A quick and easy method for effortless removal of unwanted hair, just apply the cream,
wait a few minutes and remove.

Works even on short hair, giving you smoothness for up to seven days.

Its new fragrance technology also ensures that there is no lingering malodour.

Results in as little as 4 minutes!

Cosmewax – In shower hair removal cream manufacturer


Formulas are effective and respectful with the skin.
Mass Balance Ingredients.
Microbeads free.
Okötest available.
Fast-acting yet gentle formula minimizes contact time with the skin for

a more pleasant treatment.

Highly customizable with a wide variety of extracts, scents, colors and formats.