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Hot wax mug

When you take the wax out of the microwave, traditional jars or pots can be
annoying because they do not have the best grip. They can burn or slip from
the hands.

Looking for the consumer’s comfort and safety, Cosmewax has created this hot wax mug
so that the grip of the wax during the waxing is perfect.

Easy to use: Ready in microwave in seconds and doesn’t require non-woven strips
to be removed, just peel it off.


No more risk of getting burned out of the microwave since you finally know how to catch it!

Natural formulations available

Suitable for sensitive skins

Includes post waxing wipes for a perfect finish.

Available for hot waxes, sugar waxes and creamy wax.

Highly customizable formulas, with a wide range of extracts, scents and colours to adapt the product to suit your needs and own brand identity.