High natural hair removal cream

Remove hair quickly and painlessly with the Cosmewax’s High Natural
Hair Removal Cream; a gentle yet effective formula that eliminates
unwanted hair within 3 minutes.

Just apply the cream, wait a few minutes and remove! It’s an easy to use and an efficient alternative to shaving or waxing.

This exclusive formula contains 88% ingredients of natural origin.

Also, suitable for vegans and all skin types


Cosmewax – Natural cosmetics private label.


Formulas are effective and respectful with the skin.

Mass Balance Ingredients.

Microbeads free.

Fast-acting yet gentle formula minimizes contact time with the skin for a more pleasant treatment.

Okötest compliant formula available.

Highly customizable formulas, with a wide range of extracts, scents and colours to adapt the product to suit your needs and own brand identity.