Creamy hair removal wax

Creamy wax is the warm wax used by spa salons but adapted to be used by
woman at home. More efficient than ever!

It’s created using more than 95% ingredients of natural origin so are perfect
for sensitive skin.

Extreme efficacy, even in very short hair (2mm)

It contains an ergonomic spatula that adapts to the different body areas and
helps the application of the very thin layer of wax.

Creamy & pleasant texture. Lovely sensation!

Brilliant smoothness lasts up to 4 weeks.


Cosmewax – Soft wax hair removal kit manufacturer 



Optimal temperature of use 55-60ºC.

Suitable for sensitive skins

Natural formulation and suitable for vegans. Preservatives free.

Microbeads free

Suitable for legs, arms, bikini area and underarms.