Race against cancer supported by Cosmewax

25 July, 2019
Carrera contra el cáncer y el apoyo de Cosmewax

Cosmewax participated this year in the 3rd edition of the race against cancer called “the extreme boat” in support of stem cell research.

It is not the first time that Cosmewax participates in solidarity races, having participated in the solidarity urban race of Jerez de la Frontera in previous editions.

Race against cancer, beating records

In the 3rf edition of the race against cancer celebrated on 14 July in La Barca de la Florida (Jerez de la Frontera), this has exceeded the record for participation.

This test, already raised the previous year more than 10,600 euros for cancer research.

Therefore, Cosmewax employees have taken to the streets to participate this famous race where they were smeared with mud for a good cause: the fight against cancer.

All funds raised in the competition will go to Cancer Research, specifically to the Research Chair of Cancer Stem Cells Doctors Galera and Requena of the University of Granada.

A total of 12.5 kilometres, 20 obstacles, a lot of mud, but also a lot of fun

Runners of all kinds participated in the race, both in the sports field, as participants who, far from competing, were intended to support the cause and spend a playful sporting day.

In total more than 800 runners were filled with mud in Jerez de la Frontera to join this race for solidarity purposes. A record because the City Council of La Barca calculated around 600 runners.

Cosmewax runners travelled the 12.5 kilometres, a route that began at 10:00 a.m. in the Plaza de la Artesanía, and in which they overcame more than twenty obstacles between mud and water making this race a hard test, but at the same time fun for all of us.

Upon arrival at the finish line, solidarity runners of all ages could enjoy a well-deserved shower.

1,000 kilometres against cancer

The sports event was organized by the Association “1000 K against cancer”, the City of La Barca de la Florida and the University of Granada, in addition to the collaboration of the Military Center of Cría Caballar, Finca de Garrapilo, and the Diputación de Cádiz.

To continue advancing in the investigation of this disease, this year the association 1,000 kilometres against cancer has been created, a challenge that Juan Pedro Orellana overcame after overcoming a lymphatic cancer and in which the run was originated.

Origin of the race against cancer

“I wanted to continue collaborating with the research chair and then I came up with the race, comparing what it cost to move through the mud with getting out of the disease,” Orellana explained, recalling that the Mud Race emerged after completing the challenge where ran 1,000 kilometres against cancer. He recognizes that “it seemed crazy, but people accepted it quite well.”

It was a media success, proof of this is the result of a campaign to collect more than one million signatures from to support the research of the Chair.

“1,000 Kilometres Against Cancer” has given rise to numerous activities, such as La Carrera del Barro (La Barca de la Florida, Cádiz) or Iberian Nights Against Cancer (Peal de Becerro, Jaén), where sport and awareness are combined.

Race against cancer with the support of Cosmewax