16 March, 2020


From Cosmewax, we stand in solidarity with all the people who are directly or indirectly suffering the effects of Covid-19.
We are committed to managing the situation in a fashion that is responsible to our customers, our employees, our suppliers and to society in general.

The government in Spain has set in motion certain measures to contain the advance of the coronavirus Covid19. Although leisure and other non-essential activities have been restricted, industrial activity continues normally and supply chains across the world continue working unrestricted.

To such end, we have devised plans following international and local Health Authorities’ recommendations to implement cautionary measures for containment of the virus that at the same time are allowing us to keep both our factories fully functional:

• A sanitation protocol has been introduced across both sites that ensures safety of the product and the personnel manipulating it.
• Those who can work from home have been asked to do so and have been provided with the necessary equipment so all your usual contacts will be available with normality.

Our team will continue providing their services to our customers normally. Ongoing projects and product launches will continue their course unaffected, and technical support, regulatory assessment and demand planning will be available.

We will keep punctually informed of any relevant developments or issues that may happen.

We want to give all our strength in these difficult times and our support to all the professionals who fight every day for everyone’s health. As well as to all our colleagues for professionalism and understanding.

Stay strong and calm because we will all get through this together.