The Cosmewax Skin Care Division renews its IFS Certification

23 July, 2019

What is the IFS HPC Certification?

The IFS Certification o IFS HPC Certification (International Featured Standards for Household and Personal Care) is a standard for auditing safe and quality products/processes of suppliers concerning the manufacturing of household and personal care products. A certification scheme designed for companies in this sector.

This product certification scheme arose from the need of companies operating in the field of retailing in the international market to have a hygiene and quality reference standard for manufacturers and suppliers capable of monitoring and verifying production and manufacturing processes, as well as their compliance with hygiene requirements along the whole supply chain.

The development of this standard was made possible by the joint work of HPC industries, retailers and certification bodies. At all times they dealt with the main aspects of this standard and tried to reflect the changing needs of the HPC industry.

As a result of this work, the IFS certification is the most personalised standard for auditing personal and household care products and their processes, and for ensuring that the products do not pose any danger to consumer safety.

What products does this certification apply to?

The IFS HPC certification is primarily focused on all companies that produce and/or process or handle bulk products and primary packaging of household cosmetic products and chemical products for private retail labels.

The IFS HPC standard covers 4 specific product groups:

  • Cosmetics (for example, make-up, lotions, shampoo, creams, etc.)
  • Chemical household products (for example, detergents, fabric softeners, cleaning agents, fragrance sticks, etc.)
  • Daily-use household products (for example, household gloves, bakery paper, sweeping brushes, aluminium foil, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene products (E.g., tampons, tweezers, bath sponges, nappies, etc.)

IFS Certification in Cosmewax

We are experts in developing cosmetic products: skin care and hair removal. In these areas we offer a comprehensive and flexible customer-oriented service: evaluation, definition, design, manufacturing and delivery.

Both facilities have been recognised with the IFS HPC (International Featured Standard Household and Personal Care) certification until July 2020.

This certificate is added to those already received in previous years and that reflect our trajectory.

A fact that we would like to highlight, and also congratulate all our employees on, is that we have obtained a high level score: “highest level” both in the hair removal and skin care areas.

The IFS HPC is one of the most prestigious international quality and safety certifications, and which guarantees that Cosmewax meets the regulatory requirements and standards of its products.

This certification is added to certification ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices), obtained by Cosmewax Skin Care Division in December 2015.

The Quality area is proud to receive the trust of the institutions that certify Cosmewax’s good service in the area of cosmetics.

What is the purpose of the IFS certification?

The purpose of this Standard is to prove that personal- and household-care manufacturers can provide the market with safe, compatible and quality products.

Meeting the expectations of your customer will help you increase their trust in you.


  • Establish a uniform evaluation system for manufacturers, reducing third party audits and, consequently, costs and deadlines.
  • Ensure product compliance with national and international regulations through correct and controlled processing methods.
  • Ensure product safety, prompt risk management and transparency throughout the production chain.

IFS HPC benefits

  • The core of this standard is risk management, which allows companies to prove that their products do not pose any risks to the health and/or safety of consumers
  • The IFS HPC standard covers most of the requirements of ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics)
  • The HPC audit focuses on verifying risk management, customer specifications, traceability and crisis management, among other parameters.
  • Customer specifications are met
  • It guarantees international recognition
  • It gives visibility and allows sharing the audit report with the most important supply chains through the IFS database
  • It allows companies to better control internal processes with risk reduction
  • It allows the manufacturer to increase the confidence of the supply and distribution chains catered for thanks to a proactive approach towards product safety.