Cosmewax set to close year 2018 with a turnover of more than 21 million euros

18 December, 2018

Cosmewax, leading manufacturer and marketer of depilatories and cosmetics to third parties, will close the year 2018 with estimated sales of 21.000.000€, an increase of over 25% compared to the previous year.

The company, with two manufacturing headquarters in Spain (Depilatories Division and Skin Care Division), maintains exportation as the motor of its growth, and has increased its turnover for the fifth year running, with new customers and products.

Cosmewax attributes this growth to its firm commitment to innovation, carried out by its two RDI laboratories made up of a diverse team of highly qualified technicians (pharmacists, chemists, chemical engineers). These laboratories are equipped with the most advanced technology and infrastructure in order to offer their customers the latest novelties in the field of cosmetics.  In fact, Cosmewax made a strong investment at the start of the year by tripling the space dedicated to RDI and acquiring new equipment to support the development of new concepts, textures, designs, fragrances and more environmentally-friendly cosmetics.

Moreover, Cosmewax has the capacity to offer excellent, comprehensive customer care, supported by Continuous Improvement and continuous optimisation of the efficiency of its processes. All this means that, in 2018, Cosmewax has continued to consolidate itself in foreign markets and has entered new countries thanks to its expertise and capacity for adaptation.
The company is currently present in more than 50 countries all over the world, notably France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the USA. Cosmewax has a broad portfolio of references in depilation and skin care with which it is already expanding in Asian and African markets. Among its main national customers are Carrefour, Mercadona, Día and Auchan.

Cosmewax hopes to continue this growth trend in 2019 (the sales budget is 24 million euros) by modernising its customer care service and by committing to human capital, RDI and openness to new markets.