Cosmewax develops anti-lice products free of harmful chemicals

29 October, 2018
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Cosmewax develops anti-lice products free of harmful chemicals

The lice problem is catalogued as a public health concern because it affects 90% of the child population (of which 75% are girls and 25% boys).

As far as we know, the market presents hundreds of products used to destroy lice, the challenge is to do it without harmful chemicals.

Cosmewax has found the solution: A new range to kill, clean and prevent head lice more effective but less harmful, free of chemical insecticides.

The GREAT ADVANTAGE of our products versus the traditional ones is that they are not biocides (pesticides or repellents) that kills lice and nits chemically. Cosmewax’s ANTI-LICE RANGE is safe, effective and really easy to use.


Do you know when & where could you get them?

Apparently, the contagion is as common as a cold so it can be spread by means of combs and clips, caps and stuffed animals or head-to-head interaction.

Parents often worry more about head lice when children go back to school as they think head lice are only caught there. Yet head lice are as common during school holidays as during term time so it is important to keep checking in the holidays.

Cosmewax has created different products, specifically designed to kill lice, clean and prevent. Now, is  your turn to say goodbye to the lice and protect yourself from them!