cosmewax launch a new website

Cosmewax launches a new website

New website

Cosmewax launch a new website that features a design aimed at giving the user the best experience. It makes information easy to find and simple to read. A fresher air that provides a clear message about who Cosmewax is.

Cosmewax have completely redesigned its website along with a new and fresher image. Now, visiting the site is a quicker, more exciting and user-friendly experience.

So that, this new platform wants to reflect the professional team who work at Cosmewax and their commitment to continue growing to achieve new goals. How? working hand in hand with innovation, quality, continuous improvement, supply chain and our consumers opinion.

Moreover, the part dedicated to the products it is intuitively divided into hair removal and skin care. You can find a wide range of depilatories and skin care products, from waxes to creams and natural cosmetics.

In addition, Cosmewax have reserved a special tab for sustainability, because respecting the environment is a key part of every process. For this reason, sustainability is present throughout the formulation, manufacturing and packaging process. You can also find a section with a better way to contact them and outstanding news from the industry.

In terms of design, the website also boasts a clean image and consistent site-wide navigation system with improved menu functionalities that direct you to the information you are looking for.

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