Top 4 trendy cosmetic ingredients for 2023

Cosmetic ingredients

Top 4 trendy cosmetic ingredients for 2023

Skin care is a need that people are increasingly aware of, making us look for the cosmetic ingredients that best suit our skin. For this reason, in the cosmetics industry we are constantly researching to provide solutions to the problems that users demand, as well as to contribute innovation to the industry.


After analysing the cosmetics ingredients most demanded by brands in recent months, we bring you a list of cosmetic active ingredients that are currently trending and are a great attraction to promote the purchase of any product.

Retinol: the quintessential anti-aging cosmetic ingredient.

One of the most used active cosmetic ingredients during these months is retinol. This active ingredient stands out for its anti-aging effect and its effectiveness enhancing the texture and appearance of the skin, reducing wrinkles and expression lines. Its properties include the ability to stimulate collagen production while reducing melanin synthesis, unifying skin tone and favouring the elimination of skin blemishes.

Collagen: Synonym with firmness and elasticity.

The next most used cosmetic ingredient by brands is collagen. This protein accounts for a quarter of the proteins in our body and is responsible for holding our body’s structures together, fortifying bones and providing structure to the skin.

The main benefit of collagen is the ability to restore elasticity and firmness, correcting wrinkles and improving the appearance of the skin. It also stands out for its moisturising property, as it is capable of attracting water and retaining it, acting as a flash tensor.

Hyaluronic Acid: The perfect active cosmetic to improve the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that acts against skin dehydration, loss of firmness and wrinkles caused by the passage of time. 

This cosmetic active has a large number of benefits, including the effective improvement of the condition of the dermis and cellular environment, soothing the symptoms of dry skin and providing a feeling of comfort.

Bakuchiol: The natural alternative to retinol

Bakuchiol is a natural ingredient found in the seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant, native to India.

This natural active ingredient has soothing, anti-wrinkle, emollient and antimicrobial properties. It also stimulates cell renewal in the dermis, achieving smoother skin.

In short, there is currently an obvious need to maintain skin firmness and reduce wrinkles, but the cosmetic active ingredients preferred by users change according to their needs. That’s why, at Cosmewax we are constantly analysing the evolution of trends to stay at the forefront and continue to lead the private label cosmetics market.

If you need a cosmetics supplier to help you boost your brand by creating innovative cosmetics tailored to the needs of the market, contact us.

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